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Executive Leadership Certificate Program

The Executive Leadership Certificate Program (ELP) will provide senior and supervisory public safety officers with instruction and facilitation in the areas of: leadership; organizational change, behavior and learning; decision making; ethics and accountability; managing human resources; budget and finance; and stress, crisis and emergency management.

This will be accomplished through the design and administration of a true development course with hands-on application of actual working case studies. The series of classes offered by the ELP will be geared toward management personnel from Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Classes will be offered at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), as well as through web based programs as to afford this opportunity beyond the tri-county area. Classes will be taught by skilled executives who possess the experience required to facilitate a real understanding of the issues faced by law enforcement executives. One of the most valuable aspects of the ELP will be the range and diversity of its participating instructors. They will bring immensely different levels of experience and perspectives of supervisory roles. To facilitate individual executive learning, a wide range of associations and feedback will occur between speakers and participants.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the ELP will be at the forefront of the electronic learning medium, enabling those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from the program, the opportunity to earn the continuing education that is advantageous to supervisors and senior public safety officers. One half of each class offered in the ELP will be provided though an online format, enabling greater student participation through the flexibility of this electronic method. In order to encourage and facilitate both instructors and participants of the course to access this learning tool, both online and live workshops will be offered by WebCT, and IZONE to aid instructors in designing a course, as well as for participants who are interested in using this state of the art educational instrument as a flexible option to the ELP.

ELP participants will be given the opportunity to exchange plans, problems and solutions with peers to develop new thoughts and to share the successes of their own community. The ultimate goal for ELP is for society to benefit through the further development of leaders. As such, the ELP will serve as a model of leadership and management skills, and establish excellence and integrity as the measures of its success.

The ELP consists of three courses:

Each course will be 5 (five) weeks in length. The class will be one (1) day per week for the equivalent of eight (8) hours per week. The ground based portion will meet weekly for approximately 4 hours(time determined necessary by the instructor) and the remainder of class will be held within the WebCT online.

ELC 0020 Management and Leadership

  • Leadership -Theories, strategies, history, trends
  • Organizational Behavior -Decision making, motivation, organizational learning
  • Ethics and Accountability
  • Managing Human Resources -Legal issues, labor relations, performance evaluations, training and development

ELC 0030 Administration for the Senior Public Safety Officer

  • Budget and Finance
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Organizational Change and Strategic Management

ELC 0040 Critical Issues for the Senior Public Safety Officer

  • Stress Management
  • Crisis and Emergency Management
  • Emerging Technologies and Issues -Crime Analysis/Prevention,
    Communications Interoperability

This is a non-credit certificate program. ELP students will be eligible for transfer credits at the discretion of the school to which the student applies and is accepted.

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