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Future Initiatives

Proposals for Grants

  • Center for Psychological Studies Awarded Quality of Life Research Grants
    Validation Study of the Law Enforcement Office Stress Survey (LEOSS) is a QOL grant sponsored by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Ryan A. Reddin, a CPS doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, is the Principal Investigator on the Grant. CPS professor Vincent Van Hasselt, Ph.D., will serve as Co-Principal Investigator. Collaborating Investigators include CPS alum Gregory M. Vecchi, Ph.D., and Unit Chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit; Judy Couwels, coordinator, Broward Sherriff’s Office Employee Assistance Program; and CPS Alumnus Major Monty T. Baker, Ph.D. (2002). Major Baker, director of the Clinical Research Division, USAF, San Antonio Military Medical Center Warrior Resiliency Program.


  • Criminal Justice Research Partnership: A Case Study
    Leslie Taylor (BSO), Tammy Kushner and Marguerite Bryan, both of (NSU), are currently working on a research paper for publication reviewing the literature on criminal justice research partnerships. This is part of an overall project to portray and analyze past and current activities of the criminal justice researcher-practitioner partnership between Nova Southeastern University and Broward Sheriff’s Office. The review will provide the basis for determining: salient issues in the development of collaborative criminal justice research partnerships including obstacles encountered and solutions implemented; how the needs of researchers and practitioners have been balanced throughout the collaborative process; identifying methods for disseminating and translating results that have proved useful and beneficial to both research and practitioner entities; and, exploring how research partnerships are sustained over time.

    Further studies of the NSU-BSO partnership will be used to develop for the general criminal justice audience a “lessons learned” information toolkit on developing and implementing practitioner – researcher cooperation to carry out criminal justice research.
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