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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice Brochure

The Program

For more than a decade, research has shown that interest in the law enforcement and criminal justice fields has increased at a considerably faster rate than the number of positions available. The roles of criminal justice personnel require a more advanced and broader understanding of criminal justice, law, behavioral science, administration, security, and conflict resolution. Data indicate better-educated criminal justice personnel are likely to be more effective problem solvers and better communicators with the public. While many criminal justice departments use a high-school diploma as a minimum entrance requirement, professionals actually hired will continue to pursue advanced degrees with additional skills, abilities, and experiences.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice trains those interested in the justice system through an interdisciplinary focus. It prepares students through a core curriculum and allows for specialty training through various tracks. This facilitates choice for students and fosters development of specialized experiences.

Program Objectives

Specialty Track I Organizational Leadership
Specialty Track II Behavioral Science
Specialty Track III Business Administration
Specialty Track IV Public Administration
Specialty Track V Substance Abuse
Specialty Track VI Community Solutions and Partnership
Specialty Track VII Information Systems
Specialty Track VIII Conflict and Crisis Management
Specialty Track IX Child Protection and Juvenile Justice
Specialty Track X Information Security
Specialty Track XI Forensic Investigative Technology

Program Delivery

The Criminal Justice Institute understands the demanding schedules of criminal justice personnel. The Program is available online, and delivery may be customized for individual department needs.

Program Benefits

  • enhanced abilities in critical thinking, evaluation, problem solving, and communication
  • preparation for advancement to supervisory and leadership positions
  • in-depth knowledge in specialized skill areas
  • experts who bring life experience to the learning environment
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