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Criminal Justice and Behavioral Research


Many attempts have been made to construct measures that assess different aspects of anger. The Novaco anger Scale (NAS) was developed to assess anger and predict violent behavior. Validity research on the NAS to date has yielded promising results. However, few studies have examined the NAS among incarcerated offenders. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to: (1) examine the psychometric properties of the NAS in a sample of male and female incarcerated adults; (2) investigate the relationship between the NAS and self-report measures of anger, social desirability, and personality; and (3) evaluate the factor dimensions of the NAS using confirmatory factor-analytic procedures. Participants were adult male and female offenders incarcerated in “Program Units” of three large county jail facilities in Southeastern Florida. Results indicated that the theoretically-derived scales of the NAS demonstrated both reliability and validity in these groups of offenders. Further, the correlations between the NAS and anger measures were significant. Based on confirmatory factor analyses, the two-factor oblique model was supported, and all NAS subscales loaded significantly on their designated factors.

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