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Collaborative Governance in University-Community Partnerships | Research

Collaborative Governance in University-Community Partnerships: A Case Study of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Partnership

The adversarial relationship between “town and gown” that existed during the latter part of the 19th and earlier 20th centuries has subsided.  Metropolitan universities are now playing a role that fosters community development, embracing partnerships and engaging in collaborative initiatives.  The presentation revisited the literature on collaborative governance and discussion was held on two levels of analysis in university-community partnerships: inter-organizational dynamics and behavior; and management.  A case study of the Broward Sheriff’s Office – Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Partnership was addressed using the collaborative governance model by Chris Ansell and Alison Gash. The discussion highlighted the factors or themes necessary for successful collaboration, the challenges to governance and concluded by exploring how research-community partnerships are sustained over time.

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