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BSO and NSU Presentation at International Violence Conference | Research

Abstract: The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO), Florida-Child Protective Investigations Section (CPIS) has been found to have one of the highest employee retention rates in the State of Florida.  It has been speculated that demographic and monetary factors may be the primary variables leading to this increased rate of employee retention.  In order to investigate this hypothesis, employee retention rates from 2007 to 2010 were obtained from both the BSO-CPIS and another comparable law enforcement-affiliated CPIS within the State of Florida.  The comparison agency was selected based on its similarities to the BSO-CPIS; size, demographic composition (e.g., age, gender), and monetary resources (e.g., budgetary appropriations, average salaries) were all deemed comparable.  Preliminary comparisons showed that when monetary and demographic factors are held constant, the BSO-CPIS maintained a retention rate that was 17.8% above that of the comparison department.  The findings of this initial comparison failed to support the notion that demographic and monetary variables are primarily responsible for higher rates of employee retention.  Although demographic composition and monetary resources may contribute to increases in employee retention, these findings are suggestive of additional contributing factors.  Potential additional variables leading to increases in employee retention rates are proposed by this study.  The perceived importance of employee retention lies in its correlation with experience level and subsequent successful outcomes for child protective investigations, and the children and families they serve.

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